About Us

About Us

We at Roann’s Kitchen (Roann’s Spices and Roann’s Blends) work to improve our client’s food,health and environmental culture.Our expertise and activities aims to cover Spices and Curry Powder industries.Pure food for good health is our only motive.
Roann’s Kitchen being established in 2020, knows very clearly the value of quality in the market! We strive to provide the best in class products for each segments without any additives or colour.
The primary mission of Roann’s Kitchen is to serve the people in India and abroad with quality food products. We also aim in developing people in our organization by providing in-house, on-site and external trainings as required. We achieve the quality through strategic partnerships with established suppliers of raw materials,Experienced Leadership,Professional Staff,and applying Leading Edge Technologies.

  • Vision

    Roann’s vision is to be the preferred spice in your kitchen cabinet and your dishes. Our sole aim is to connect people with Roann’s Spices and Blends in an enriching culinary adventure that makes eating fun, interesting and wholesome!

  • Mission

    Roann’s kitchen was born to make your dishes more tasty and healthy. We are in a mission to provide our customer with natural products without any added flavour, colour or additives .

  • Environment Policy

    We strongly believe in the nature and environment preservation for the future generation, fulfilling and seeking to exceed the legal requirements and environmental standards related to our operations.